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Big Shadows, created by Justus Hayes

This store and all the content on it was created by me, Justus Hayes. It's what happened when circumstances prompted me to come up with a way to use my creative skills and the internet to make some work-from-home income. That ability will become very critical in a few years from now when Rowan, our youngest, graduates from high school and will be at home full-time. That requires someone to be with him 24/7, because Rowan has Down Syndrome and light autism, is completely nonverbal, and needs constant supervision. Someone will have to be with him every day, and it makes the most sense that someone will be me.


Chris Mc-Shade had some lovely things to say about my work on Facebook recently:

"Your genre specific prompting has become so distinct and recognizable to me that I usually know immediately when something here is posted by you - an incredible artistic palette from a recognizable tapestry of gritty styles that immediately grab attention and pull people into a world of haunting colors, dimensions, brooding shadows, sobering themes of isolation, existentialism, dreamy abandonment."

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