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  • How do you make the artwork here?
    Most of the artwork that I use here on the website and applied to products was made with the AI image engine, Midjourney. I also use Public Domain images and video, predominantly from Pixabay, but also from the many film noir movies that have entered the Public Domain. Very rarely, I may use an image or clip that is licensed for commercial use under an attribution requirement; if I do, attribution will be provided.
  • Who manufactures the products?
    At this point, all the products available at Big Shadows are manufactured by two print-on-demand/dropship companies - Printful and InterestPrint. I've worked with Printful for almost two years now and have found them not only consistent in terms of high quality work but also very fast at getting items to shipping. I've had t-shirts delivered to addresses in Canada in less than four days. Speaking of shipping, Printful has fulfillment centres (locations where the products are printed and shipped from) in many countries on multiple continents. That means faster shipping to more areas, and the ability to avoid import duties more often. The company was founded in California in 2013, with current EU headquarters in Riga, Latvia. The majority of the products available here at Big Shadows are made by Printful. InterestPrint is a Chinese company that I have been using for over two years. I use them for the print-all-over products on offer here, namely the Hawaiian shirts and all-over print tees. Their garments are well-made, they have proved to be reliable and with a quick turnaround, and as far as I can tell their factory conditions are reasonable. Shipping takes a little longer, usually around two weeks or so.
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